Wildest Dreams Greatest Truths

Editor Zoe Brown

I respect my wildest dreams; they are often my greatest truths.

Lately, I work longer hours for less pay, and I’m much happier. It may not seem logical, but dreams rarely are logical in the beginning. I was working for Citicorp back in 1987 when I began to realize that corporate life probably wasn’t for me. I had this wild dream that I could be my own boss, work from home, and make a living. At the time, my son was turning 5, and I really wanted to be there while he was growing up.

I was working full time + overtime when I decided to get my Massage Therapy certification. In the illogical manner of dreams, I added school (the closest one was a two-hour drive from my house) to my already-full schedule. I knew it would ‘only’ take 18 months to finish school, and then freedom would be in sight.

Looking back, one side of me thinks I may have been slightly insane. The other side of me merely chuckles, knowing that a dream pursued is passion declared, and that is always a good thing. Back then, my conscious motivation was being home for my son. I wasn’t aware of any underlying factors; I simply set off in the direction of my dreams.

It was eight years, another corporate downsizing, and several life-turns later, when I finally found myself doing massage full-time. For many years, the closest I got to working from home was when I owned the house next to my office. Then life took another painful twist, and that career ended, too. The dream, however, survived. It turns out that last twist was what made it possible for my dream to become reality.

I now work from home as a writer, facilitator, mentor, and Life Coach. I’m my own boss, and my income is growing each month. I am blessed beyond belief. I love my work, my clients, my business partners, and – best of all – I love my life! The path wasn’t always pretty, and it wasn’t always ugly. Life is like that. I did the best I could each step of the way, and I still am. Looking back, I’m certain that things would have been easier if I had understood the things I do now, but then I wouldn’t have learned so many valuable lessons. Those painful lessons (painful then) are beautiful gifts as I share them now.

I’ve built a business from scratch before, so the baby steps of growth are familiar to me. I recognize the markers along the way and get to celebrate them instead of being anxious. I’m doing what I love, and loving what I do, enjoying that I now support others as they find their way to happiness by following their truth, both professionally and personally. I believe that if we do what we love, abundance must follow. I believe it because I’ve seen it happen so many times, and it’s happening yet again for me. Wildest dreams really do come true!

BTW, the cat’s name is Zoë. She has installed herself as Editor on my desktop and oversees all of my writing. Working from home certainly has its perks!

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