Rx4JOY first showed up in my life as a license plate.
After divorcing my second husband, I decided to give myself a gift to commemorate the event. Determined to build a better life for myself, that divorce was the beginning of my own Prescription for Joy. Giving myself permission to walk away from an unhealthy relationship with a partner who didn’t want to be one… that was huge for me.

Several years later, I lost my business to a debilitating mystery illness that went undiagnosed/misdiagnosed for 18 months. In searching for the next way of building a better life for myself, intuition and a good friend led me to become a Certified Life Coach. I realized during the training that I already had the perfect name for my business; it was right there on the back of my car. After all, who couldn’t use more Joy?

I did my best to ignore the obvious signs of destiny, not willing to compete with established systems or open myself to attack from people who love those systems.  I am a former smoker, workaholic (former? really? hmmm), daughter of a man who died of “suicidal erosion” via smoking, alcoholism, obesity, and non-compliance with insulin and blood pressure meds. My mother was a classic enabler. I also had a step-father who gave up drinking, but never dealt with the factors behind it and became a dry drunk. My paternal aunt got custody of me when my father died; she was an alcoholic, too. My first husband had drinking problems. My second husband had drug problems. Actually, they seemed to enjoy drinking and drugs; I was the one who had problems with their alcohol and drug use.  I spent years in counselling, Al-Anon, and CODA. I am intimately acquainted with self-destructive, addictive behaviors.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION (fair warning so you can stop reading now if you want to)
From what I have observed & experienced, people (myself included) who engage in self-destructive or self-defeating behaviors have become separated from awareness of their higher self, their own worth, their innate value, their true magnificence.

When the same people are intimately re-connected to what is most wonderful in themselves and are given an opportunity to truly witness the good in themselves, they joyfully, whether quickly or gradually, abandon the self-destruction, as they no longer believe they are valueless.

This is why I coach. This is my calling. Doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone, but it sure helped me and I love witnessing what it does for others.

During Life Coach training, I immediately realized that coaching, as taught by Coach for Life, is far more effective than any treatment I’d ever been introduced to. All the years of counselling and working the twelve steps had not relieved my destructive patterns and negative self-esteem. In coaching, I found my own goodness for the first time. When I found out I wasn’t as bad as I’d been led to believe, in fact, that I had innate magnificence, talents, gifts, and a real purpose for my life, I began to stop doing self-destructive things.

Now I give that gift to others, when they are ready to receive. To qualify as a coaching candidate, you must be ready and willing to be the creator of your life; to live beyond the labels; to renounce being a victim; to stop blaming a pill, bottle, substance, person, government, or anything else for the current state of your life. In other words, when you are ready to take responsibility for where you are now and start creating your future, you are ready for coaching.

It’s not for everyone; nothing is. I found what works for me, and I love to share it with people who resonate with it. I find that the people who do best with this are the same ones who don’t find their answers within groups that require them to identify with a disease as though it will always be who they are. I believe self-destructive, addictive behaviors can be overcome; I do not need them to be who I am. If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t need them to be who you are, either. What if (I love the possibility in what if) we only need to discover our highest and best to be who we are. I believe we can learn new ways of being, create lives worth living, grow as people, and explore a whole new approach to life that is full of love and joy. I believe this because I have done it, have seen others do it, and have facilitated that path for others who have chosen it.

Learning, creating, growing, and exploring are messy. In order to make the most of them, I give me, you, and everyone else permission… to be messy and enjoy it! You will not be held to perfection in this space. You will be held accountable to discover what is best for you. Messes will be CELEBRATED (they are signs of your creativity and growth!)

After all, it’s about the journey. Let’s see what there is to see! Let’s start with discovering what’s RIGHT with YOU!

Disclaimer: I am human; therefore, i will get it wrong from time to time. These episodes are called mistakes (if I did them intentionally, they would be called on-purposes.) I believe mistakes are crucial. Mistakes happen when we are exploring, creating, learning, and widening our current abilities. Exploring, creating, learning, and expanding my abilities are essential in my life ~ I wouldn’t have gotten this far and become able to help so many without them.
Therefore: I PROMISE YOU I will make mistakes, I will get it wrong, etc. It’s part of the growing process, both mine and yours. I will also admit my mistakes when I am aware of them. Thus, I will have no pretense; you will get everything that I have available. I trust that you will be master of YOUR OWN destinty. YOU will make the final decisions about what is right for you.
How’s that for a disclaimer?
We all get to be grown-ups and take responsibility for creating our own lives! I like it!

You are welcome to wander freely through my musings; they are my gift to you and anyone else who may find them helpful. I offer many services on the Offerings page at JoannaDavis.com. If you are interested in private, one-on-one coaching, please email Joanna@JoannaDavis.com or call 407-280-1636 for details.

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