Woe Despair and Irony on Me

I’m going to tell on myself, and I’m going to laugh while I do it. After all, I have more fun laughing at myself than I’ve EVER had laughing at anyone else. Added bonus, I rarely feel guilty when my laughs are on me! I was on the phone with someone last week, and she began the …

What was I thinking?

What about the bad days?

People ask me if I ever have bad days. I usually have a smile on my face, and my Facebook posts are categorically bright, positive, uplifting, or some other form of good energy, including the giddy joy of downright silliness. To answer that question, yes, I do have days like today when the circumstances of …

A new list

Lists, Goals, Stress, and getting over it

I have a severe aversion to making lists. I struggle with this aversion, because there is research out there that shows we are much more likely to accomplish things we write down. If you doubt it, please Google it. The point is that I really would like to be able to maintain lists of things I’d like to …


What I learned while being still

“If you don’t slow down, your body will find a way to make you slow down.”
Thanks, Body! Here’s what I’ve learned:
• Happiness is an inside job
Of course, we all know this in our heads, but I really got the experience, again!
Gregory came to pick me up after surgery. The hospital staff made sure I was full of pain and anti-nausea medication before he put me in the car for a two-hour drive back to Orlando. For the first two days, I happily leaned on him and went for walks up & down stairs and around the community pool. Then the medication wore off AND an infection set in.
Nonetheless, I spent a total of 12 days with Greg. Peace, love, harmony, rest, healing, joy. All were present and continuous.

Teacher's pet

It’s a Set-Up!

One of my freeing moments in coaching came when I realized that every “episode” in my life stems from something that I have set myself up perfectly to learn. As I was having a rant one day (aren’t we all entitled?) my Life Coach asked me, “What have you set yourself up perfectly to learn …

Inside the Beginner’s Mind

I have adopted the Coach for Life ‘Standards of Presence’ as a way of coaching and as a way of life. Breathing it into my being has required that I search out what the elements really mean for me. My current focus is on my intention to “adopt a stand for innocence, have a beginner’s …