What I learned while being still

“If you don’t slow down, your body will find a way to make you slow down.”
Thanks, Body! Here’s what I’ve learned:
• Happiness is an inside job
Of course, we all know this in our heads, but I really got the experience, again!
Gregory came to pick me up after surgery. The hospital staff made sure I was full of pain and anti-nausea medication before he put me in the car for a two-hour drive back to Orlando. For the first two days, I happily leaned on him and went for walks up & down stairs and around the community pool. Then the medication wore off AND an infection set in.
Nonetheless, I spent a total of 12 days with Greg. Peace, love, harmony, rest, healing, joy. All were present and continuous.

On Being Savor

There is a teaching that speaks of humans being the salt of the earth. As I remember, it was taught to me that we are the salt of the earth, and that if the salt loses its savor, it is worthless, good for nothing.

Another FUN day! 10/23/2008

Dear Magnificent, Positive People, I had the funniest thing happen today!  It actually started last week, but bear with me. I have joined a couple of networking groups in my area.  One of them is incredibly spiritual, the other is quite warm and welcoming, but more businessy.  Today was the business one. I’ve been working …